Highland Country Club

Highland Country Club sought a solution for their stormwater issues.  Each time there was a sizable rain, water flowed from the course, down a hill, and into the clubhouse building, creating a soggy mess.  To solve this, designers created a rain garden and a decorative and functional water runnel to channel water to drains.  In addition to this improvement, a section of cart path and a cart turn around were replaced with pervious concrete to help alleviate the volume of water entering the runnel.  This water is now able to percolate back into the soil instead of flooding the club house.
In addition to these improvements, a decorative concrete patio was constructed outside of the club house to make an inviting outdoor atmosphere for dining, socializing, or celebrating.  The mixture of pervious concrete, decorative concrete, and the water runnel shows that functional concrete does not have to be plain and dowdy.  It can be functional AND attractive enough to bend in the most formal of venues.