VOSS: Visiting Our Solar System

Artist: Jeff Laramore 

VOSS: Visiting Our Solar System is a student-led interactive exhibit that puts the size of space in perspective and celebrates the contributions of alumna and NASA astronaut Janice Voss.
The project is a 2 acre site on Purdue’s campus, anchored by a sun sculpture that measures over 35’ high and over 40’ across.  Curved planet walls surround the sun throughout the plaza, carrying planets that are scaled to the size of the sun.  The planet walls are arranged on orbital paths that are also scaled (on a different scale, relative to each other) to their real-life counterparts. 
Smock Fansler was the project lead of a large team including artist Jeff Laramore, designers, engineers, university officials, and students.  Working with students was an enriching, exciting aspect to the project and was a unique opportunity for them to contribute to campus and their college experience, and work on a real project that would be a lasting gift to the community.