Industrial Construction

Solving the manufacturing industry’s facility problems, no problem.

Smock Fansler has an extensive portfolio of numerous projects with some of the area’s most prestigious companies. We have solved facility problems from office renovations, expansions, upgrades for new equipment, loading docks, warehousing, site improvements, and time-sensitive plant shutdown projects.
With over 90 years in the construction business, there are few circumstances that we haven't encountered. Smock Fansler is known for its ability to analyze problems and offer cost-effective, long-lasting solutions.

Precast Furnace Foundation

At first glance the project didn’t seem all that complicated, build a foundation for a LMF furnace. But that was the easy part; the challenge was to do the work in the middle of a melt shop that was running at full capacity. Without having any loss in the mills production schedule. This called for thinking outside the box during the bidding process.

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