“Be a responsible neighbor and a benefit to society by protecting the environment, conserving the natural resources…”
            - Taken from the Smock Fansler Corporate Creed, adopted in 1996
Smock Fansler is a leader in environmental and sustainable construction.  We work with industry leaders in design and innovation to implement time-tested, reliable ways to conserve resources, time, money, and extend the usable life-span of a project.
At SFC, we look at project goals and see what we can do to align those goals with sustainable building practices.  Examples of this include:

  • Planning efficient building schedules to condense deliveries of material and hauling of waste to save on fuel consumption, time, and staging.
  • Re-purposing of waste products
  • Recycling of construction waste, such as discarded forms, plant material, soils.

Smock Fansler has a LEED AP on staff who is well-informed of the latest in sustainable practices and innovative concepts, which are shared with project managers and estimators.  Often times these practices are also found to be helpful in conventional projects, saving resources and money.  
In everything we do, Smock Fansler has the project goals at the forefront of our efforts and strives to reach or exceed those goals.  Often times, our experience in sustainable building practices proves useful in these endeavors.  A collaborative environment with owners and designers is something SFC tries to promote on every project for the maximum mutual benefit of all parties involved. 

Highland Country Club

Rain gardens, water runnel and pervious cart paths combine to create an attractive solution to this club's storm water issues.  The addition of a decorative concrete patio adds engaging outdoor space to the clubhouse.  
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Ohio Street CSO Abatement Pilot Project

A pilot-project for the city of Indianapolis, the Ohio Street CSO Abatement project keeps over 1 million gallons of stormwater from entering the city's CSO annually.  
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Indiana Landmarks Hardscape

The Indiana Landmarks Center Site is a unique combination of historic preservation, garden design, and urban neighborhood site design.
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