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Ohio Street CSO Abatement Pilot Project

A pilot-project for the city of Indianapolis, the Ohio Street CSO Abatement project keeps over 1 million gallons of stormwater from entering the city's CSO annually.  
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Greenwood Park Mall

This project was an outdoor lifestyle addition to an existing indoor mall. It was expanded to increase retail space while engaging the public in an outdoor setting. The main features of this restaurant/retail space are centered around 2 areas: The main fountain plaza and the paseo area.
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McKinney Fountain - IU

A landmark at Indiana University, this water feature features geysers shooting out of a radial, stair-stepped wall.  
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Komodo Dragon Exhibit

The Komodo Dragon Exhibit included a habitat for a feature exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo.  SFC constructed a display and holding building for the ferocious animals on and off display.  
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JW Marriott Art Plaza

This plaza in the heart of downtown honors Indiana with art in a beautiful and functional space.

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Garfield Park

Garfield Park is a combination of a number of projects, including the historical restoration of the Sunken Gardens and Conservatory, renovation of the Pagoda, construction of the Aquatic Center and Burello Family Center, and way finding signage.
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Glick PeaceWalk

Ten of the luminary gardens are located along Walnut Street between Meridian Street and Capitol Avenue, with two additional gardens located along other parts of the Cultural Trail. SFC also installed pavers, lighting and other hardscape elements to designate this new area as part of the Cultural Trail, inviting to pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Carmel City Center

Carmel City Center is a one million square foot, $300 million, mixed-use project developed on a 15 acre
site in the heart of Carmel, Indiana which offers a lifestyle including luxury residences, exceptional
retail shops and a variety of dining options. It is an elegant cultural village and an oasis of activity on 2
acres of clay-paved city streets boasting a roundabout, formal plazas and four fountains and water

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Indiana Landmarks Hardscape

The Indiana Landmarks Center Site is a unique combination of historic preservation, garden design, and urban neighborhood site design.
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Precast Furnace Foundation

At first glance the project didn’t seem all that complicated, build a foundation for a LMF furnace. But that was the easy part; the challenge was to do the work in the middle of a melt shop that was running at full capacity. Without having any loss in the mills production schedule. This called for thinking outside the box during the bidding process.

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Castleton Square Mall Lifestyle Addition Hardscape

Decorative concrete, custom frieze panels, and a water feature combine to create a welcoming shopping environment.
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The Rocket

Located in Richardson, Texas, this gateway sculpture is reminiscent of space-ship playgrounds of the past.
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Fenlon Interactive Water Feature

This interactive water feature engages visitors with water effects, lights, and fog effects.  
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The Wave

Situated in a roundabout near the ocean in Virginia Beach, VA, The Wave commemorates Virginia Beach’s 50th anniversary.
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